Creating a creepy soundscape

By: Abby Goss

Creating the podcast, The Unsolved, was quite the journey. In the end, we were able to create 4 creepy, spine-chilling episodes that even give me goosebumps to listen to. One thing that I feel I truly mastered was creating this awesome sound quality using a combination of free music and sound clips. If you want to master the ultimate creepy podcast, here are a few steps to guide you through.

The first thing you need to do is a pick your theme. Once you do, you need to find creepy music that caters to this theme. Either use the free music archive to search or google what kind of music you want and make sure it is royalty free.


You also need to locate other sound effects on YouTube. I always would find the sound effects I wanted and then use a YouTube to mp3 file converter to transfer them to audacity. Layering these audio clips in creates the ultimate effect. Here is a link to a great video converter that we used for every episode:

Screenshot (38).png

Now begin to layer your clips and music to create your eerie podcast! Just remember that creating a podcast is not easy and it will take time, but just stick to it and you will be able to create a masterpiece.


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