WCU Podcast Collective is a collection of six West Chester University student produced podcasts. These podcasts encompass a wide range of genres that cover various topics, both locally and nationally.

The Platform: A sports podcast dedicated to discussing and educating the masses about the social issues that inhabit sports.

Cookie Quest: Three regular West Chester students with absolutely no experience or expertise on a journey to dethrone the Chocolate-Chip-centric of the United States’ cookie history. In a series of quests, they will bake and sample a wide variety of cookies through a process of trial, error, and a whole lot of conversation.

Not Necessarily: A podcast dedicated to bringing you sub-par, mostly accurate, and hopefully amusing campus and global news.

Drunk History: A podcast dedicated to serving up slightly incoherent cold, hard facts about this world’s history. On the rocks of course!

Ben Franklin’s Playlist: A podcast dedicated to showcasing the Philly Punk Scene, through interviews, album reviews, friendly conversation, and discussion.

The Unsolved: An eerie podcast about mysteries, mischief, and murder.