Playing The Mysterious Role Player


The Unsolved is a podcast bringing you murder, mischief, and mystery. I’m a guy who enjoys recreational basketball, has a guilty pleasure of listening to Maroon 5, and has a heart attack when a squirrel jumps in front of my car.


Throughout my life I’ve enjoyed talking about sports and music, not serial killers and conspiracy theories. So how did I end up talking about the nation’s clown epidemic, the history of the Eastern State Penitentiary, aliens, and Santa’s creepy bro Krampus while thoroughly enjoying all of it? I turned myself into a character on a podcast.


No, I don’t have a nickname on the show and there’s not a continuous storyline. What I mean when I refer to my character is that I turn into someone else when I’m telling every episode’s story. My voice gets deeper without thinking and now I read every line with the intention of scaring listeners so much that they can’t sleep. For the first episode, I was casually reading the transcript right off of the script. But after getting feedback from a class listening session calling my natural voice creepy, I knew I had to lock into my character by making my voice even creepier than usual and use that tool I have for the podcast’s advantage.


With the semester coming to an end, The Unsolved is on halt, and could be finished forever. Regardless of what happens next, I’ve learned that having a role in a podcast is important, helpful and really fun. I enjoyed editing the podcasts, but recording alongside co-producers Abby and Sadie has been an even better experience.


If you make a podcast, find your niche, whatever it is. For now, I’m going to keep being the creepy dude who tells scary stories.

By Bobby White

Listen here ->


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