How to make good conversation

Good conversation is like pretty much anything else, if you try to hard to look for it, you’ll probably never find it. If you’re trying too hard to have a good conversation, then there’s no way you’ll have one, especially not one long enough to make a podcast. That’s what makes conversational podcasts so hard. If you run out of things to say, then you don’t have anything else. But even then, if you manage to come up with a 15 minute chat, it still might be rigid, boring, and unpleasant.

That’s why good conversation is important. Conversation isn’t like pizza or something, where even the worst is still pretty good. Bad conversation is just bad, and makes a podcast un-listenable. The first step is the right people. You can have good conversation with anyone, but the right people get the ball rolling a lot faster. Rapport with someone can come from years of friendship or just regular old chemistry with someone you just met, it really doesn’t matter. Good people also help you with being comfortable talking to someone about anything, which is the next step. You just have to say anything. You just have to say whatever it is your thinking about whatever it is you’re talking about, and you can’t be afraid to discuss or go too in depth on anything. If you have a thoughtful insight, you have to make it known, even if it does seem slightly off-topic or weird. Good discussion is often off-topic and weird. Things that come naturally are like that.

The topic of your discussion-based podcast is important sure, but if your conversation is good enough, you’ll find people like listening to it no matter what it is.

-Reese Hamilton



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