Don’t Forget to Promote!

What good is a podcast if no one hears it?

Making a podcast is a commitment, it takes a lot of time, energy, patience and teamwork. But all of that is worth it once you hear the end result. There is a large amount of pride that I would feel after every completed episode. Not just pride for myself, but pride for my teammates (and friends) who put a lot of work into making it perfect. I did not always host on every episode, but I still stayed involved and supported my fellow podcast team. It is an incredible feeling to create something yourself or with other people, and have it turn out better than you could have imaged. Especially when all three of you began the process with little to no experience in the field.

After we had our first two episodes completed and published onto SoundCloud, it was time to reach out to a larger audience. So far, just our small class and professor had listened to our podcast. Don’t get me wrong, they were (and continue to be) a great audience, but with all the hard work put into this we wanted more listeners.

Thus, The Unsolved Twitter account was created! I took on promoting our podcast through our Twitter account. The first two episodes were uploaded and tweeted out to our few followers. I sent out some tweets on our account to promote upcoming episodes and try and gain follower’s interests so they would listen when we published them. The problem was, we did not have enough followers at the time to really gain a fan-base.

I decided to search for other podcasts on Twitter, as well as, any and every account relating to crime, murder, mysteries or creepy things. I had no idea how to run a Twitter account that wasn’t my own personal one. I just tried somethings that I thought would work. Call it beginner’s luck if you will, but I saw great results.

Once we gained more followers, I would go onto accounts that followed us and look at their “followers” list. From there, I would go down the list and follow those accounts. I figured if they liked other creepy, mysterious twitter accounts, they might like our podcast. Once again, it worked! We continued to get more followers. I would be on our account at various times throughout the day just following accounts and promoting our podcast.

We currently have 290 Twitter followers, and the number continues to grow. This whole process has taught me that the podcast community is a big and friendly one. We have gotten shout-out tweets, people saying the love our show, and lots of support from all these people we don’t even know.

It just goes to show, hard work really does pay off.

Sadie Markley

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