Little Details Can Make A Big Difference

Dylan Messerschmidt – Drunk History of the World

This may apply to the perfectionists more than anyone else, but to some degree, it still holds true for anyone that wants to make a good podcast. Like any other creative project, putting together a podcast usually involves starting out with the big picture of what one wants to accomplish, and then moves down into the details that may or may not get overlooked. The attention that those parts get generally depend on how important they seem to the podcast, but believe me when I say that most of the decisions you make, even the ones that don’t seem to matter, will have an effect on your end product. My advice would be to have at least one person work on thinking about everything that is being done and why. That goes for music choice, the amount of silence between clips, episode topics, where you’re recording, and so on.

For example, when Molly, Tom, and I recorded episode one, we all sat about two feet away from the microphone that was on a low table. It sounded okay, but I suggested putting it somewhere that it was closer to our faces, and when we did that for episode two, it sounded so much better. We also did this for our episode topics. We started by simply picking moments in history that interested us, but then we realized how much weird and interesting stuff from history was out there that no one knew about, and we started looking for that to do our shows. It made episodes more interesting and we had more fun making them.

Basically, try to listen closely to each episode and pick up on little things that you can do better. The big problems will be easy enough to spot. The hard to spot problems usually end up being things that no one notices when they’re done right, but when you start making a habit of stomping out little issues and tweaking stuff you were already doing well, it makes a world of difference in the long run.

For an extra challenge to all this, do a podcast involving alcohol consumption and try to keep all of this in mind.


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