Learning From Mistakes

Dylan Harrison(The Platform)

Having never done a podcast prior to this semester, it’s understandable that I’d be making more than a few mistakes along the way. Making mistakes in any aspect of life is expected, it’s how you use those mistakes to your advantage that will make you successful. From listening to the first episode of The Platform to the fourth and final, I can hear a huge improvement in not only the quality of our voices, but also the podcast as a whole.

The first episode was done in a number of different takes, with a lot of pausing and “ums” and “ahs” in between thoughts because it wasn’t recorded like a normal conversation and didn’t sound natural at all. That was the biggest critique listeners had of the first episode, and something we definitely improved on. From the second episode on we recorded our podcasts in mostly one take, had back and forth dialogue so it sounded like a normal conversation, and I think it helped immensely.

We also went from having one speaker for a long period of time to having a back in forth conversation, especially in our final episode. It can get boring listening to the same person speak for a long amount of time, so we needed to switch speakers often to keep the information fresh and have listeners stay entertained. Overall, each podcast in the class went from decent to great in a matter of four episodes, and I think that’s a great accomplishment since most of the students had no prior podcasting experience.


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