Graphic Design and Making a Logo

Michael Wright (Ben Franklin’s Playlist)

Throughout the duration of the semester, I found that I thrived the most in the behind-the-scenes work on the podcast. I loved editing, I loved writing and most of all, I loved working on the graphics for our show. The two most notable ones I worked on this semester were the Logo that we used for our SoundCloud account and the poster that we created as a way of advertising our show.

The Logo was one of the first things that I worked on once we were assigned into teams. My group and I threw around a couple of ideas but the one we ended up going with was simple and to the point. We took the classic iPod advertisement that showed silhouettes on a distinctly colored background simply listening to music and applied it to our Philly-scene style. I found a picture of Benjamin Franklin and shaded it in so he was simply a shadow and I edited in headphones once this was done. From there, we put a bright green background in and most of the hard work was done. All that was left was to tack the show name onto it so I used a slightly cursive-looking font and simply switched the “A” in “Playlist” with a Liberty Bell to continue with the Philadelphia theme. We had two slightly different logos, one for thumbnails and one for the main account photo. The only difference is the placement of the show title.

small-logo-2                   logo
Thumbnail Image                   Account Photo

In addition to the logo, we also had a poster that I created in order to advertise the show. I used a program called GIMP, basically a free version of PhotoShop, to create this. Because our show is about the Philly Punk Scene, we wanted to take Benjamin Franklin, who the show is named after, and make him look as though he were a part of the Punk Scene. I basically took a regular picture of him and edited in a handful of things to make him seem more “hardcore”, such as giving him tattoos, green hair, an ear piercing and putting a cigarette in his mouth. Overall, creating the poster took me three or four hours but it does a good job of taking a traditional Philadelphia figure and molding him to give off the appearance of someone who would listen to our show.


The creation of this poster was intended to show that our show was about punk music but we made it ridiculous enough to show future listeners that there is a comedic aspect to our show. We didn’t take things too seriously and we joked around a lot and we wanted our poster to reflect that.

The graphics design for this show was incredibly fun to work on and given the right tools, it’s easy enough to figure out that anyone can work on it. You don’t need a background in Graphic Design, you just need to have some good ideas and the equipment to create them. We wanted our graphics to display both what the show is about and the general vibe of it, hence why we parodied Apple’s advertisements and made Benjamin Franklin into a ridiculous looking Philly Punk guy. They both show it’s a musical playlist about the scene and that it’s an easy and fun listen. As long as you have ideas can really show what your show is about in a simple and accurate way, the Graphic Design part of creating a podcast is easy and incredibly fun.



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