Don’t force it

Making a podcast is a big commitment and anyone who goes into it wants it to be well received. This is where you may run into a problem. It is easy  to set expectations for what you want your podcast to be, that you may try to force it to happen without even realizing it. This can come when you want to be funny, want to interview someone, or when you are in the final stages of editing your work.

First, most people find comedic relief their go-to entertainment and it is often the first thing people worry about when posting something online. “Will they get my joke?” “Will this make them laugh?” The truth is, if your goal is to make others laugh, then it is going to have to feel effortless. Humor is not something you can make happen, because other people can see right through the falsity. Be patient, and the flow of the conversation should lead you right to the joke.

Second, you can not force an interview or a conversation for that matter. Sometimes talking to strangers, or even people you are working with for the first time can be uncomfortable for everyone involved, but it is important to remember that everyone in the room probably feels the same way. If you go into an interview hoping the conversation will go a certain way and it just doesn’t, then be okay with that. You cannot force something that was not meant to happen. When you start to push something that just is not working, it is going to sound just like that when you’re done; like it isn’t working. So, when that happens, go into the conversation with a “go with the flow” attitude, just let it take you where it needs to go, and you may be pleasantly surprised with the out come.

Lastly, yes, the editing process is the time to manipulate the audio, but that also means be careful. Sometimes you may expect your recording to have a certain theme or tone and you listen to it and it has become something else entirely. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because now you have the opportunity to make it into something even better. When editing be careful not to take so much out that you sound like a robot that cannot hold a conversation. It is important to leave some vocal cues, like you actually took a breath.

Overall, when creating a podcast, authenticity is the key. Listeners can tell when you are trying to force something to happen that just isn’t there. So, be patient and the rest will follow.

Best of luck in all your podcasting ventures.

-Kaitlin Brinker


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