Um this is an um post about um battling “ums” by Juche Jackson

No matter how confident we feel with speaking to a large audience there are always bumps in the road we will face. A lot of those times we don’t even realize the challenges when we are speaking, however they impact the effectiveness of whatever we are trying to deliver to the audience tremendously. The bump in the road that we all struggle with is described as the “um”. What is an “um”? Um is something we say as a filler word. It is used as a way to work on saying our next big thought basically like a computer buffering music. But instead of a computer it’s your brain and instead of music it’s your words.

Do not worry though there is a way to fix this. Throughout my troubles with filler words I always found it useful to build myself a rough script. It was never anything heavily structured; just a script made up of bullet points on things to say. Therefore, by having my points in front of me on a screen I did not have to think about my next idea. Another method I used was to take shorts breaks then speak on my next idea. These methods helped my speaking skills tremendously along with increasing the quality of my podcasts and I’m sure they will do the same for anyone else.


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