How to Maintain the Conversation

Creating good conversation comes with creating good questions, which ultimately comes from having an open mind. The way I like to see it, is if you are able to hold a conversation with yourself in your mind, you’re more than capable of holding a conversation with another individual. As cognitive thinkers, which most people are, we tend to think about things way too much (or the complete opposite and I’m just spit ballin’ over here) . When delivering a podcast, you want alllllllll of those thoughts in your head on whatever topic you may be talking about to get answered. This is where you need to plan strategically but also from the point of view of the interviewee.

It is not going to be too hard to figure out which interviewee will be the one to give you one word answers, it’s solely based off the first reaction to you asking them if you can interview them. Some people are all about it (these people aren’t the problem), it’s those that feel reserved or hesitate to take action because they do not know what the hell they’re going to say.

The concept of keeping a conversation may be easy from just looking at the terms that make up the sentence. Just Keep Talking, it’s as simple as that. When there is a topic that is dying out, it’s your job as the interviewer to transition the conversation smoothly from one topic to another. Or juts completely change tracks and stop the interviewee right then and there. It takes one voice to keep a podcast going and I can tell you it isn’t going to come from the interviewee.

No matter what the topic is, it is important to stay confident and calm while maintaining a sense of credibility that you know what you’re doing. It is important to always keep the conversation going, because you never know what bits and pieces you can put together to make something that is truly great.


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