Thomas Henry Reflection Assignment


Battling “ums” was personally the most difficult thing for me when it came to editing the podcast. I only had to edit one of the episodes for my group because Dylan liked doing it for some reason, but editing that podcast was extremely difficult for me. I feel like in a normal situation it would be okay, but when you have to edit a podcast with three drunk people talking to each other, it gets a little much. On one podcast (Episode 2), I spent about six hours on cutting stuff out alone. The other hour I spent importing music and making sure I had everything in the correct place. I am grateful I did not have to edit the other podcasts because of how much the “ums” gave me a headache. Dylan did a great job explaining the content for that podcast, but less “ums” would have been helpful. I eventually got used to doing it, but it was just busy work. Constantly repeating the process of cutting out the same “ums” gets very tiring very quickly.

Here is the link to our groups podcasts.

And here is the link to the podcast in which I cut out all the “ums”.

Digital Journalism was probably the most fun I have ever had in a class. I feel like I learned a lot about podcasts and editing them. Going into that class having little to no knowledge, I can for sure leave that class feeling comfortable continuing the podcast. I fell in love with the idea of creating our own podcast. The topics that were created by the class were creative and fun. I personally would not have minded doing any of the selected topics, but I could never regret doing Drunk History of the World. Not only because the topic is just straight up hilarious and fun, but also because Molly and Dylan made this the best and easiest group project I have ever done. They were the greatest group members I have ever had. They helped me grow as a learner and as a person. They were fun to work with, and we split the work up evenly. Even moreso, I gained two really good friends by the time the class was finished, and I could not be more grateful for that. I also want to thank you, Ben. This is not the first class I have had with you, but you taught me a lot in the two semesters I had with you. You are easily one of the best professors I have ever had, and the students here at West Chester can learn a lot from you and what you have to offer. Thank you for a great semester. I learned a lot.



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